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We, Roi Music, are pleased to introduce ourselves to you briefly. We have established the company in 2009.

We are a sole distributor of BG France in Korea. While doing a business, we have focused on producing an accessory for related to flute mainly. We would like to reach for high quality with well design, so professional players or students look forward to having the Roi item. Currently, we produce as below items;


1.Roi-153 flute cover

2.Roi-B/P flute back pack

3.Roi-leather bag

4.Roi-flute warmer

5.Roi-flute hard case pouch


7.Roi-flute cleaning rod

8.Roi-piccolo cleaning rod

9.Roi-silicon name tag

10.Roi-oboe hard case pouch

11.Roi-reed case

12.Roi-flute stand(coming soon)


Currently, we have exported the above products to Japan, USA, Germany, Holland, Singapore, Hongkong and China.

We keep making high quality of products continuously. 

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